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abt me

Made by GlamCat

A. Age: 15

B. Best Friend:  M

C. Currently: reading a 120 chapter fanfic

D. Drink/smoke: no lol

E. Eye Color: brownnn

F. Fears: dogs i fuckimg hate them

G. Games: i barely play games but i unfortunately play mystic messenger 

H. Height: 5'6.5 clinging onto that .5 for dear life

I. Instagram: forgor but it's somwhere here

J. Job: i earn minimum wage slaving away and cleaning up toddler piss at a daycare

K. Kids or no: no

L. Least Favorite Color: fuckass mint green 

M. Movie You Love: i only know like classics so i like green mile i think that's what it's called

N. Nicknames: jule, julie, bubble, jules

O. One Wish: for tiktok to be shut down i canr handle you all

P. Pets: 2 orange cats and a fugly calico cat

Q. Quote You Love: "she got my butt ovulating" 

R. Relationship Status: singlr 

S. Siblings: 2 older brothers.... 

T. Time You Woke Up: 6am because the bus ride takes a whole hour 

U. Unknown Fact About You: i enjoy unclogging the toilet im so serious. i could be a plumber 

V. Vacation You Loved: never been outside the us but watching the amish in buttfuvck pennsylvania was pretty cool

W. Worst Habit: peeling my nails

X. X-tra Fact About You: i was looking thru my safari tabs in school one time and the kid behind me saw my yuri tab open with some anime chick's titties out

Y. YouTuber You Love: when quackity was fun

Z. Zodiac Sign: gemini

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no kudos cuz fearing dogz iz CRAZAY !! unless u got like trauma or something (/lh)

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