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why is styling ur hair so hardd

it is fun BUT it so !??!?! my hair doesnt hold back in place and im scared of burning it too like T___T

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What texture is your hair?! I'd love to help with styling tips I've learned even if I don't know much :]

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tbh i dont really know!! but its like, a lil bit wavy and thin i think

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Ooh gotcha! Well I also have wavy, sorta curly in some areas hair. The way I personally style it is after washing my hair (Look into cowashing possibly ;:) ) I scrunch a lot of the water out with a t shirt, then I use some curl cream and use the "praying hands" method of applying it! Then I scrunch it in there and plop it in a T shirt! I took a lot of info from the curly girl method, idk if that sounds familiar to you, but I'd say trial and error some natural styling methods cuz for me heat styling does NOTTT work at all for me.

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ooo ill prob try it!! thxxx x))

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