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First things first. I've never written any sort of blog before. I'm not entirely sure what a blog is or what I'm supposed to do with it XD ... The only thing I've seen/heard about blogs is the show 'Dog with a Blog' LMAO and in 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' in that one scene where Knives says "I read your blog" to Envy ISDUGKJHDKAGHJKA LMAO I'M SORRY RAAH I JUST THOUGHT WRITING A BLOG WOULD BE A COOL THING TO KILL TIME WITH. If you do read this and you're invested... don't expect it to be often or even all than interesting :P cuz my life is pretty boring and the only thing I talk about is nonsense... HEY BUT I SHITPOST ON TWITTER!!! I SAY STUFF THERE TOO... but that's also nonsense. Is a blog like shit posting on twitter but longer?!?!?!? idkdikdikddidkdk idk.
or or or. this will be a thing where I do it all the time. Like I'll constantly shitpost but instead on twitter, I'll do it here. 
                                                                    ok bye  :P

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