my silly day

Today was a very random day and i have no one i can tell it to so im on here to update anyone who reads this about my life!! First period i had english which is usually a sign that its a good day so i went to class in a happy mood. I am my teacher's favourite he is very lovely. During half term i read many books and i told him all about them (he told me about the great gatsby) and is also dead set on me becoming an authour. I dont have the heart to tell him that i dont want to become a writer. We learned abt ww1 and poetry. Second period was science whcih is where my day started to get worse. Ive been sick for 2 weeks with hayfever but its never really that bad but it started acting up during my end of year exams so i tried to cough very quietly while my friend was asking if i was okay. It was very scary but i think i did well on the exam which6 reminds me that i got 80% on my history end of year. I also found out recently that i got accepted into the courses i want for GCSE. I am taking spanish, media and history which are very lovely. My other friend showed me their bojan cards. To be honest i dont understand but i go along with it for their sake. I really care about my real friends. Anyways ill update soon with more stories bye bye !!!

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