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Personalizing my profile with n o knowledge on CSS

so uhhh i've been sitting making my profile for a little while and it's not as hard as one might think, it's pretty easy if you can use logic well, i use different forums and all that but one video that i found very helpful helps you with the basics of how to change your background, add a banner, and even change the font ( she's very chill

i made my banner as a gif using, you just create your image and import it as either a gif or a static (no movement) normal jpg file to add it into your profile, to actually put it into the code you just upload your image on then after it is uploaded you right-click and copy image adress to finally add into the code

this seems simple enough for me, but i explain things poorly so sorry if it's hard to understan lolol, css is like a puzzle so good luck <33

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