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Are you a Soldier, a Poet, or a King ?

The King
"There will come a ruler Whose brow is laid in thorn Smeared with oil like David's boy" Duty. Strength. Resignation. You were told to do things and you did them. The world is something that was put into your hands and that you must deal with - so you will. You have a rigid back and steady hands, either metaphorically or physically. Is it nature or nurture ? You don't know. You are tired of being steady. You dream of feeling alive. Not that you aren't, but, sometimes, it's hard to remember that there is a heart between your ribs. Your love is where you breathe. Come on, breathe. In. Out. It starts now. Art : St Catherine of Alexandria, Guido Reni

choose some film characters & i'll tell you which film director you are

martin scorsese

the og, gangster but not in an ironic way, like totally badass, and has ray-of-sunshine-but-also-crazy-violent-will-cut-you vibes

What flavor of autism are you?

villain origin story autism

You’re never getting diagnosed. Either you’re too shy or too bossy and no adult has ever thought maybe you could use some help. Are you a chronic people pleaser or do you never listen to what anyone says? You finally found a word that describes your life to a T, and now everyone is gaslighting you into thinking you’re completely normal. Well you got the tism. go take over the world!! PLS DONT BE UPSET YOUR GENDER IS VALID AND THIS IS A STUPID QUIZ IM VERY SORRY IF YOU HAD BEEN MISGENDERED, THIS IS NOT INDICATIVE OF YOUR GENDER, IT SIMPLY MEANS YOU DESERVE TO BE LISTENED TO AND BELIEVED

Why does the fandom hate you?

your name is a trigger tag

only the behemoths of fandom hate get this privilege. you have stirred so much discourse that the fandom has a blanket policy of tagging everything involving you. in some corners of the fandom you are a curse, a boogeyman that shouldn't be summoned, while in others you are the only thing people consume and the only character that might as well exist in a work. i am in awe. psychics cringe in pain at your birth chart.

Attachment Style


People with avoidant attachment styles tend to distance themselves from others and have problems with intimacy. These people seem insensitive to others and are typically emotionally unavailable and are unwilling to share their thoughts and feelings with others.

which wonder of the ancient world are you

Lighthouse of Alexandria

there used to be laughter in your eyes, if not on your tongue. there used to be a song in your heart, however fleeting. you were a beacon, a bastion, and maybe that wasn’t as healthy as you thought it was. what happened to you? staring out at the horizon for so long has put a permanent distance between yourself and the present moment. yet, somewhere in the core of you, a fire still burns. there is a depth to your gaze and your voice, be it literal or metaphorical, which still manages to steer those around you in the right direction (or, at least, away from danger) even when you do not have the strength to carry their emotional burdens. the pressure is always crushing, whether you fold to it or not. your honesty with yourself and others has allowed you to realize that you’re not alone, even if it feels easier to push everything down and pretend it doesn’t exist. just know you are seen.

who is your government assigned fnaf animatronic kin


Hey, girlie! Has anyone ever told you that you're the mom friend? I feel like they have. You care a lot about people. You've got such a great capacity for love. 'Helping Others' is your middle name. Don't forget to help yourself too! You've got plans and you want to follow through with them in the most perfect way possible. You won't settle for anything less than perfection. You tend to hold yourself to a ridiculously high standard even though you would never hold others to the same level. You're very accepting and forgiving when it comes to everything except your own mistakes and flaws. Remember that making mistakes is okay and completely normal. You don't need to be perfect to be loved. You love others despite their flaws and they will do the same for you. There is value in things other than perfection. Even nature isn't perfect; that's what makes it so beautiful.

Which Resident Evil Character Are You?

Ada Wong

If you were a vine quote you'd be "I'm a bad bitch, you can't kill me". Ultimate top energy. That is all.

Tell me about your writing style and I'll give you an aesthetic

Distant hills steeped in the thick grey mist of dawn. A sense of unbearable longing ...

The rumble of thunder like a drum deep inside your chest. Wilted blooms on a crumbling grave. Words written in a precise and even hand. You are lonely, you can never be known. You ache so desperately for the memory of places you've never been and people you have never met. Delicate lace. A cottage in the wilderness. Reading a book of poetry by candlelight. The crash of the waves against wet rocks. The color grey. You are beautiful in your sadness. A new flower blooms, delicate and strange. Tend it. Help it grow.

Vocaloid Kin Assignment


I diagnose you with gay and/or nonbinary. One of the few Vocaloids with a (sort of) canon personality, Flower is known as a 'kuudere,' or someone who is cold and stoic on the outside but caring and affectionate when you get to know them. She is usually seen as a very cool, quiet, and mysterious Vocaloid. Despite her introverted personality, she is very popular! Some songs that Flower is well-known for include Venom by Kairiki Bear, Sharuru (Charles) by Balloon (AKA Keina Suda), lili. by Yuukisan (AKA ewe or Yoh Kamiyama), and Villain by Teniwoha.

what kind of monster are you?

they called you a monster

you are the devil sitting on the bottom of a whiskey glass. they told you that you are a monster. you spent too much nights looking at yourself in the mirror, wondering if they're right. you don't know who's at fault here. are the sins yours or someone elses?

Tokyo Ghoul Kin Assignment

Juuzou suzuya

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