It happens once again.

Isn't it strange when your reflection can't look back at you? Well, mine can't ever now. What was once just a staring slug that so happened to slightly compare to me turned into what looked EXACTLY like me! But it can't even bare to look at me anymore, instead it just taunts me with its laughter, all around the room. As if it's in my walls, or as if it's slivering into the blood of my fresher wounds. It's scary to think about! I didn't know what to do, or what I was even doing to myself. All I felt was the glass in my knuckles, and the sweet release of the maroon rivers escaping to see the light, only to be washed into my wooden floor.

My mind went to a blank, it kept.. LAUGHING.. It's face looked cinched, what would've been my hair looked melted into the cloth of my reflections bare, pale skin... Those eyes I could never forget, even if they refused to give me a glance, as if I were some horrid creature. It only left me alone with my multiple parts in the shards left in tact, and the realization that I was bleeding further down the line, my grandmother Deborah came into the room after I was supposedly screaming like a banshee, and my hands and lower arms in general were bloodier than a "murderer on their wedding day."

I'm patched for the most part, but.. I don't think I'm gonna sleep right, for more reasons than just the fresh cuts and bubbling blood that was torn, and feels like a knife just... slitting through the seams.

This isn't right. Nothing is right. Nothing is what it seems.

- Ava C. Baker.

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Jordan Tarango

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Had that happen to me once when I was a little kid, couldn't sleep for days after that event.

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