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〘 06 ⋆ 12 ⋆ 2060 〙

Subject: I have managed to partially uncover the contents of the CD.

Through my limited exploration, I managed to uncover a partial glimpse of the contents stored on the CD. However, upon playing it, I encountered significant glitches, indicating that the CD is in a less-than-optimal condition. Nevertheless, the remarkable shine exhibited by the CD piqued my curiosity, leading me to speculate about its potential significance. It is intriguing to encounter a CD, a medium that has become increasingly rare in the present era.

Within the CD, I stumbled upon a video file dated June 2023, labeled as "beauty_20230608_154530.mp4." This appears to be the first chapter of an artistic expression that I created during that era.

Although this CD holds the promise of containing additional content, I have yet to decipher the means to access it. The audio emanating from the CD is heavily distorted, characterized by glitches, while the visual display showcases an array of colorful and chaotic aberrations.

〘 06/12/2060  ⋆  21:12 〙

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Ok maybe I love this. Just a ton.

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