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Lawson-Jenner Pregnancy News


WITH PRINCE CUTIE DADA DERION the self becoming in love slaya non playa but you know taht ass got tapped and creampies passed out (I was my nigaa) maternal and kendall made me sell my phone then i passed out waiting for her my niga

She said "I'm having a baby!..?!!..!" 

"Of course"

ditsoooo aszzz you don't know Lithuanian bruh dada bradley dooo tho

shout out levy

shout out Sa0rah

Marina Squerciati like chicagos baby sitter pregnant too

Dua Lipa azz

Charlie D'Ameliprego

also thanks to Raquel from drivetime to dada's

a whole bunch of hoes and moe.

Like always my nigga...

Yabujin is my middle name hoe, I started a phuckin' epoch playa

"stop making me feel guilty"™ Author
Twilight Official Author "Twilight Hour"
DIMENSION Films Director

Yabujin Originator est. 2009 | the 7'6" Prince Cutie Dada Derion (Yahweh Melekh Mashiach) the real old school phuckin' messhiah | psychosis recovered C.A.T. scanned owner of Kendall Jenner's virginity's |

DJ GYROTTA ZAO (4th Grade)
ELiXiR (highest gamertag i've had >,_>,)
Elixir Nomad (The name i best gamertag to on xbox and psn)
FLASH666ENIES (failed psn gamertag 1998 4 months)
FULJDGOYTTZ (Lil G age 5th Grade)
LAMiA (emporium)
LAMIANAGA (First bootleg store i ever entered)
ligonis85)>[Toontown, Wizard 101, Runscape]
Naga (Original character name)
NAGAZMULAGAN (thought i was anime and wrote a manga 5th grade)
Nomad (who i am)
tailandietis (not a god XD)
TTrauma (First Gamertag ever)
ะtailandietis85ะ (Ex-Bestfriend Disownment)
Y A B H I E L (Thought I was an Archangel)
{Y A Л O X

Y E A H (Yair-1 Compiler)} 

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