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This is mainly gonna be about how the Spiderverse movie is just visually repulsive, but let me get the writing/story out of the way first, story was literally whatever just some mid superhero story i didn't care about and the dialog was just stereotypical meta "ermmmm.... so that just happend" dialog literally just the same dialog i see everywhere else in animated media,

but OH MY GODDDDDD the visuals are genuinely repulsive this looks like PS2 graphics they literally just brought PS2 graphics to the big screen, everything looks so unfinished there's barely any dramatic lighting anywhere except for maybe like 10 scenes in total... the entire movie itself just looks like the animators forgot to press the render button on the computer... also why do animated movies now feel the need to use "1023480923809 NEON COLORS YAYY!!! RAINBOWS!! LETS ADD ALL THE COLORS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" <-------- The super mario movie is the biggest offender of this......... I know all of these movies are literal children's content but the amount of people i see critically praising these movies for its visuals baffles me... though TO BE FAIR if im going to be honest we haven't really had a aesthetically good looking 3D animated film EVER... i can name like maybe ONE visually amazing 3D film and that's RANGO... if you really want to watch a 3D animated film with an actual distinct aesthetic made with quality.. WATCH RANGO.. even if you watched it as a kid WATCH IT AGAIN NOW its so good

{I KNOW IM INSANE FOR THESE OPINIONS BUT I HAD TO LET IT OUT SOMEHOW... im an old head at 18 years old #dealwithit

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