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Why Are People So Hatefull?

(My first lenguage isn't English, I'm sorry for any mistakes)

Why are people so hatefull? Why? And i am not even talking about serious issues like tranphobia or racicism, I'm talking about stuff like peoples interests. It's so ridiculous seing people saying things like "OMG, I HATE *ARTIST* SO MUCH!! HOW CAN YOU LIKE THEM?! THEY HAVE LIKE NO GOOD SONGS AND YOUR SO ANYOING FOR HAVING A PERSONALITY". Why are people like this. Let people be happy. I personaly don't like Taylor Swift or Lana Del Rey but I still talk with a lot of peope who do. They are happy with that and passionate about a thing. When, for exemple they ask me why I dont like them i say the actual reason, "I find their voices boring" or " I fell like I've heard it a milion times already" and everything if fine, instead of just saying that they suck and proceeding to hate on the person. What's rong with Dragaronpa fans or Metallica fans or with Nirvana fans? I guess you can be hatefull on the company, artist, writer, creator if they do bad things but, why be hatefull on the people who like it, who have nothing to do with the fact that the creator is problamatic? Sometimes I just look at people being so stupid against people like Cavetown fans or just a kid who likes minecraft. 

Are you so miserable and without a personality that you need to put people down, to make them ashamed about the things they like, so you can feel a little better about your miserable life? 

This is going to sound hippie has hell but, love eachother, hating for no reason isn't going to get you anywere, it isn't going to get us anywere. Talk with people who like diferent things and you might even learn some new things, we learn a lot talking with each other.

If you thought this was just me saying non sense and if I look like i think I'm better that everyone it's okay, but that wasn't my intention. I wrote this because i came here to talk with nice people. I thought this was a place were we cloud forget about the toxic part of the internet and have a cool 2010s experience, but there's so many mean people here. I don't know, I'm desapointed. 

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I’m sorry you’re having a rough experience here with people being so extreme about their opinions, I hate it too and completely agree with what you’re saying it’s ridiculous how divided people are now a days over the smallest insignificant things

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Thats easy, its because there are no consequences. Its also hard to convey emotions on the internet that is why most opinions are extreme or seem extreme.

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