Rant abt how Jay Merrick is the reason it all happened

Every1 makez Alex out 2 b the only villian in mh but hez not, Jay suckz 2, he kept investigating the tapez even after every1 told him 2 stop (4 godsake, even Brian told him 2 stop)

Alex said he had it all under control, he stopped making the movie (which was making him paranoid nd aggressive) nd moved away, every1 was fine until Jay found the tapez again nd started looking in2 them, he even dragged Tim in2 it even tho he wanted no part in it

Jay also started getting aggressive during the series 2 bc of the tapez, multiple timez he attacked Tim over a tape or something, but he was even more dangerous bc Tim trusted him

Also, him alwayz filming himself nd posting it on yt is how Alex found Jessica, Jay made a vid finding her nd filmed everything, where they were, everything then uploaded it 4 Alex 2 easily find (but in his defense, he did lose huge chunkz of memory nd felt that filming nd uploading everything helped him nd made him feel better bc he can easily check wut happened in that time)

So in conclusion (wut is this, an english essay?? XD) Alex may b a villian, but he is NOT the only 1, if u h8 him, h8 Jay 2, they both suck

(Also, I'm not pro-Alex, I'm just anti-Jay xD)

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