Korean raw fabrics are increasingly being applied in many areas of life. In addition to being used as a fashion product, it is also widely used in interior decoration because of its delicate and luxurious beauty.

Korean rough fabric and the knowledge you should know about this fabric

What is the application of Korean rough cloth at present?

You can easily come across products made from Korean raw fabrics in life. In each application, raw fabrics will bring unique beauty that other fabrics cannot replace.

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Application of raw fabric welding in garment

The garment is one of the fields that use Korean raw fabrics the most today. Good sweat absorption ability, beautiful shape, cool, and easy to dye. Korean raw fabric has been used to create many cool fashion designs, meeting fashion trends and people's needs.


Applying Korean raw fabric to interior space decoration

Korean raw fabrics are also applied in the production of interior decoration products such as curtains, pillows, sofas, tablecloths, floor mats, etc., bringing a luxurious, classy, and comfortable space.

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How to recognize Korean rough fabric?

Because Korean rough fabrics are often stiff and wrinkled when washed, some other fabrics have been mixed to overcome these disadvantages. However, many units do the blending to reduce the cost of the fabric and earn higher profits.

To buy quality fabric at its right price when you are inexperienced in choosing fabrics, do the following:

Touch and feel: Korean silk fabric will be cool and soft, so you can easily feel it.

Wrinkle fabric when choosing: Korean rough fabric will wrinkle when rubbed hard so you can rub it to see if it blends with other fabrics.
If you burn the fabric, if you see that there is plastic curling and there is a burning smell of plastic, then this fabric has been mixed with other substances when weaving.

Pull the fabric to feel the stretch, real duffle has quite a bit of stretch compared to a blended duffel


How to properly wash and care for Korean duffel

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Korean rough fabric can be machine-washed or hand-washed but it will get wrinkled so you need to iron it after washing to give the fabric a luxurious look. Because Korean rough fabrics are often dyed in different colors, you should not wash detergents with strong detergents, which can easily fade the color of the fabric.

After washing, the fabric should be dried in a cool place, not in direct sunlight because it may affect the durability of the fabric. After drying, you can fold them and put them in a cupboard or a dry place, avoiding a humid place that easily breeds bacteria or worms that eat cloth.

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