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  • Introduction!

  •       Hello there! My name is Axel or feizao                      
  • I am transgender and uranic(google if you                    don't know what those mean)                                           
  •  Im a therian(I feel connected to Siamese cats:D) A furry too! I have a mask i colored with marker(Dino mask) I sadly can't get a fursuit too expensive:((
  •  I use emotioncons like, :) :3 :( :D D: :0 :O X3 XD 
  •             I like bfb, bfdi,tpot, and moss!:)                              
  •  I play Roblox! You can see the game by checking out my blurb!!X3 
  • I like drawing funny cats or characters in roblox styles!
  • You can see my fandoms in my desc!! (i also like endzone and lots(laws of talos) i didn't mention it!! 
  • Ok that's basically it bye!!!:)

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