this morning after i woke up.

the blood turned dry and brown.

almost like shit. 

my scabs formed puss, and though i shouldnt

i couldnt stop myself from smelling it

i still feel bittersweet…

except for the moment i remembered what happened last night..

lmfao you woke up while i was digging into your guts!

passed out from shock

you fuckers made me so jealous. ehy couldnt i have that??? she gets to be a whore and after she said she changed she actually fucking changed??? and its all because of me??? he gets to be happy because i changed you from a little whore into a passionate slut????

yeah. im not guilty about it. 

but i did cry a little.

seeing your carcasses in my shower. not sure what to do with you love birds. i wanna lick your guts to taste you both. little lucky fucks got to paradise before me. well, at least they’ll be my little slaves in the next level.

maybe ill make us have a threesome and they can be tortured while i rape one other. hehehhh. 

not sure what to do with their bodies though.

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