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Moon is Won

However, as the sun blazes on

And the tempest rages through dawn.

The lone ranger laughs through his pain.

For he will fight to be renewed again.


His story does not end at the fall,

For my hope and despair with enthrall.

I will claw my way up the steep valley,

To make it to my resting place of grace, finally.


Along the path I take, to reach the peak,

Adversity is faced at every turn and creak.

However, no matter the setback I face,

I will still move strong at my own pace.


On this rocky road, to subside the flames,

I will fall and tumble calling your names.

Despair toils and pulls me under

But I will fight back with lightning and thunder.


I will fight to clear the flames.

I will fight until the sun is tamed.

I will fight till the morning sun runs

I will fight until the moon comes out for fun.




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