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Academia questions

Who is your favorite greco-roman god or goddess? Dionysus. 
In terms of languages, ancient greek or latin or sanskrit or ancient egyptian? I'm gonna say neither of those: Arabic.
What's your favorite period in art history? Or, what's your favorite art movement? As of lately, Surrealism. 
Who is your favorite artist in art history? Do you have a favorite artwork by this artist? I'm gonna say Caravaggio just to quote a classic (but I do have a lot of favorite artists). My favorite one of his is definetely Medusa. 
What's a medieval or ancient site you'd love to visit in your lifetime? The Ear of Dionysius in Syracuse. 
What time period in history do you find the most fascinating or would like to study the most? The Islamic Golden Age and the Victorian Age. 
Quick: biology or chemistry or physics or astronomy or geology and why? Astronomy! It's the most interesting to me. 
If you could write a paper or thesis on any obscure topic you're obsessed with as a personal project, what would it be? How criminally understimated is Russian culture, Russian history, Russian classic literature and classical music and the way it's strictly related to Russia not feeling European or part of the Western community.  
Favorite novel set in academia or an elite school or a boarding school? The Secret History by Donna Tartt. 
If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Invisibility. 
In your opinion, what's the sexiest academic field or subject or major? There's a whole major about Dante and Dante's philology. I think that's the definition of sexy.
If you could have a dinner with any now-dead person, who would it be? Nietzsche.
What's your favorite mythology? You just can never go wrong with greek mythology.
If you didn't have to worry about money, what is one thing you would buy or do or invest in immediately? A never ending library. The rarest species of insects. Vintage clothing and accessories. A trip to the Moon.
What's your favorite season? Autumn.
What is the required reading work you had to do in school or university that you absolutely HATED? Perpetual Peace by Kant. 
If you could form any dark secret society at university à la The Secret History, what would it be about? Art and crimes.
Share a study tip that works really well for you, even if it's unconventional! Gaslight yourself into thinking you're the smartest person on Earth and go to sleep.

Share one bit of advice, long or short, that has helped you in tough times or changed the way you saw the world. There's so much art to be admired, still. So many obscure topics yet to be discovered. So many good books to be read, so many good songs to be listened to. There are probably hidden sides of yourself you're yet to get to know and learn about. Tomorrow is another day.

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