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Super Random ! ( Share ur opinion )

I'm just gonna talk about my journey here because I'm bored !! 💀

So basically yesterday was my nephew's baptism and some guy laughed while people were talking - After this, we went to my old town to celebrate his baptism ! Tbh it was boring because my nephew's grandparents ( from the dad's family ) were so strict and were always around the baby, they were always holding him in their arms ! My sister was so stressed about it and because of them every of my sister's friends left because there were no fun, no music - I feel so bad for her because it is not her fault if the bf's grandparents are so boring and overprotecting .. They could have leave after lunch - like ? Kinda makes me cry that my sister's day got destroyed by the grandparents - They literally ruined it just because " the baby is here" uh

Am I overreacting about my nephew's grandparents ooorr ?? No but they were fr boring.. + they are kinda rich and corny so it makes it worse 💀 Some drove for hours to have fun and party and they def ruined it, next time I see them, imma beat their ass

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