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random rant abt pride month

now im saying this as someone whose part of the queer community,pride month makes me kinda uncomfortable,not cause i have internalized homophobia or smth but cause every year bigots take it as a chance to be homophobic, this year theyre spewing bs about mens mental health month, which of course is still important but the problem is that they only care about mens mental health when it comes to the lgbtq+ community or feminism,cause truth is men caused their own problems,they raised those toxic standards that men arent allowed to have feelings and now theyre talkin bout "no one cares" when truth is the lgbtq+ community and feminists DO care,our whole thing is equality for all, and then those same people complaining will go on and forget about mens mental health for the other 11 months of the year,they dont actually care they just want an excuse to be hateful

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I genuinely hate it so much when bigoted men use men's mental health as an argument because that's a big reason why men's mental health is still seen as a joke and the men who really need help aren't getting it. Especially because I've seen so often the guys who use that argument turn around and belittle men who are actually advocating for men's mental health in a mature and nontoxic way. Why do they hate people who respect their emotional needs?

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Literally it's so annoying how they use men's mental health or like veterans as an argument but they don't actually care, cause if they did they would speak about it more than once every June and they'd know that the military/veterans get like 3 months and a few days nor would they light fireworks

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