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Talked to grandma

Date: 11 june 2023 

I talked to my grandparents on the phone today. My grandma talked a bit abt her father which I've never heard her speak abt before. Her dad was a soldier during WW2 and was captured by the russians. I think it was hard for her to talk abt. I wish I knew more abt her life but I'm too afraid to ask, I don't want to upset her. 

- Elliot

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damn. i also wanted to talk to my great grandma abt this type of stuff ive always been curious to find out but unfortunately i didnt have the courage. i do regret never learning from her its a shame i never made up my mind. try to get ur grandma to open up and build a stronger bond with her while u have the chance.

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Sorry abt ur great grandma, that sucks. and ur right I shouldn’t wait until it’s too late. Thanks for reminding me

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im sorry that ur grandma and her dad had to go through that. <3

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ye me too, you're kind

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i have way too much empathy and im worried about her.

by xXkf100Xx; ; Report

Her dad did make it back to her, so u know

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good. :)

by xXkf100Xx; ; Report

ye, happy ending :)

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