Today, to decorate homes and rooms more spacious and luxurious, people have countless fabrics to choose from such as cotton, silk, velvet, etc. Although simple but no less delicate, and luxurious. Important, bringing a classic space is wet linen. Below will answer for you what is wet linen and the 3 most suitable uses. With the development of things around us, human needs also develop from there.

What are wet linen and the 3 most suitable uses?

What is linen fabric? How many types of linen are there?

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Linen is made from the fibers of the flax plant that is native to a lake in Switzerland. The strength, safety, and shine are higher than other fabrics because this fabric is derived from nature. In particular, wet linen fabric also has extremely good heat resistance. The origin of the word "Linen" is from the Latin Linum or Linon. After being transliterated into Vietnamese, it is often called linen.

Currently, linen fabric is quite diverse with more than 8 types on the market such as powdered linen, terry linen, silk linen, scratched linen, Korean linen, Japanese linen,...


Characteristics and properties of wet linen

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Like other linen fabrics, wet linen has advantages such as softness, breathability, and the ability to absorb and release water quickly.

However, besides the above-mentioned advantages, wet linen also has some disadvantages such as being very easy to be pasted after washing because this is a shrink fabric, so the elasticity is not high compared to the fabric. On the other hand, durability is therefore more limited. Because of its simplicity without fussy textures, wet linen is often used to sew curtains,...


Three suitable uses of wet linen

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Because there is no sophisticated texture, just a simple plain color, the application of wet linen is mainly for decoration such as sewing curtains. Wet linen fabric used in sewing curtains is quite popular to create a simple and luxurious space.

In addition to sewing curtains, wet linen is also used to sew pillowcases or pillows. This is a small but equally important highlight for your space. Combined with curtains, linen pillowcases will create a color harmony that helps the bedroom or living room become harmonious and equally personal.

An equally popular application of wet linen is to use it as other decorative items that bring a vintage feel to your living space. Are you tired of the house being painted in the usual color, or the decorations that make your space more cluttered? Don't worry because wet linen will solve all your problems, combined with curtains and pillowcases, linen and decorations will create the perfect trio to adorn your beloved home.

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