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Greek god theory!

ok before the theory just wanna say this is a actual theory it isn't just one i came up with. Also this is long so skip to the end if you just wanna see the theory.

So this theory is about medusa. You all know medusa right???

medusa story ahead (skip if you wanna)

If you don't its basically said she was the most beautiful girl in her village and would commonly get guys asking to date her. One day Aphrodite (I'm pretty sure) out of jealousy and anger gave her snakes on her head. And whenever she would look in someone's eyes they would turn into stone. now she couldn't be the most beautiful girl. that's the short version of it.

end of story

start of theory

anyways the theory is that actually didn't happen. medusa (yes still had her beauty) was actually r@ped by Zeus. Zeus ,before he did that, asked her if he could ykyk with her but she said no multiple times. Zeus ,have gotten enough, r@ped her. This caused Aphrodite to be so angry that she "blessed" medusa with her ability. Medusa was said to appreciate this gift as it was casted upon her to keep any men away from her so she gets never hurt like that again :3

end of theory

in my opinion i like this story better from the original. It may be dark but i love the fact Aphrodite wanted to protect medusa instead of torture her. It so much nicer even with the mentions of r@pe. Because yes with those dark topics the original basically talks about how medusa was suffering for the rest of her life (which is immortality) and is in a constant state of panic when near people. She fears that she will hurt people so she lives alone for the rest of her sad life. So i think you understand where im coming from when i say the theory is better. Because there's also another theory to that theory where medusa meets a blind girl and they fall in love. The girl never becoming stone and medusa never lonely. so yeah :p

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