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important info

DNI: The obvious stuff: if you're racist, homophobic, sexist etc. Basically, if you're on a lot of other ppl's DNI lists, you're probably on this one too. Oh yeah, and ppl who only talk abt themselves all the time as well!

- I have a really bad memory so if I haven't responded to you in a long time I haven't ghosted you maybe just send something and I'll remember to reply

- I am a little shy ngl, so please send the first text if you want to send one ^^

- I talk about MCR a lot lol

- I'm not a very expressive person by nature but I do care abt what you're saying!

- I am very introverted, but I have no problems with high energy people and people who love talking

- I have a huge interest in stuff like maths and coding, but I'm a beginner in coding so I'm more likely to be looking for advice than giving it lol

My discord is sasquatch#7396, talk to me whenever you'd like ^^

And if you wouldn't like to, well that's fine too xd

I guarantee I will not come to your house and stalk you.

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