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What do you think about scenecore

Just wanna know ^-^

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tis harmless fun...(i mean, harmless unless we're talking about no warning epilepsy-triggering strobe colors outta nowhere)

i personally like the nostalgia of it and kinda getting in touch with the inner 11 year old me who thought wafflez xP and pipe bombs were the funniest thing on planet earth, but i won't lie when i say a lot of modern scenecore is vastly different and kind of like... how a pug is to a wolf? lol a lot of it is mostly invader zim gir teh leh epic wafflez rave stuff which is awesome and cool and also a part of scene that i liked but i think a lot of modern scenecore kids barely touch the surface of oldschool scene kids! :P there were also a lot of different fashions/genres? under scene other than rave, like screamo goth rock punk pop whatever. the fashion was very diverse and stylized from scene queen to scene queen and admittedly sometimes modern scenecore fashion feels copypasted across each person if that makes sense? back then people mostly threw outfits together from stuff in their closet, from chain stores n thrift and probably 99% shoplifted makeup, but now most of it is the same few items like rainbow buckles and spikey collars and stripey shirts :P

again no harm cuz i also dressed the same before i got too lazy to prep banger outfits daily lol, but tl;dr i feel like scenecore and oldschool scene are two different breeds under the same species but it's not inherently bad, just new and evolving subcultures :D also anyone gatekeeping or calling em posers is kinda lameee

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Love what you said and okay!! :3

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