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>> why do people hate transgenders or/and xenogenders?

i see a lot of people hating/ saying they aren't w=valid transgenders and/or xenogenders. i mostly dont understand when when they r part of LGBTQ+ community and hate on people in the same community as them. and straight people who support lgbtq r not understandable too. like you support lgbtq+ but you at the same time dont? like why they didnt do anything bad to you. and not EVERYONE is the same.

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Bi girl here.
No problem with trans ppl, one of my IRL friends is MTF.
Xenogenders r weird as hell (I'm not calling any1 kitten) and said IRL friend agrees it's insane and feels like a mockery, "neopronouns" (U can't put a noun in front of "self" and call it a new-pronoun) also don't work in my language bc everything is gendered (no seriously, even a table is male in language rules) and as a diagnosed ND person I can tell you it feels so infantilizing when ppl say "ND ppl use neopronouns bc they don't understand gender",, like yes we do, Emily.
tbh even if they did work in my language I wouldn't use them for ppl, feels dehumanizing and like some weird fantasy I don't wanna take part of.

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