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untitled II ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-

I trust you to stay.

When I first felt engulfed by your presence, 

your thoughts,

your love,


I trusted you to stay.

My thoughts of you remain stable,

as if love flowed through my airways and circulated

throughout my being.

I want you to stay, I need you to stay.

The Greeks thought of this feeling of love,

this intense feeling of wanting to be with a person,

inside their thoughts and wishes and prayers,

to be the concept of Soulmates.

When Zeus thought that humans,

who were made up of two sets of bodies, combined,

no matter the gender,

got too powerful,

he split them, making them mortal.

These beings were cursed,

doomed to forever wander their world,

in search for their lost love.

I know you don’t believe in soulmates.

I’ve found my lost love,

and i’m using the last of my trust for you to stay.

I’d rather get swept up by your ocean,

your being,

seeping through every crevice of my body,

then lie here listening to the train ambience alone.

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