Any imperfects fans?

Hello! I'm a huge fan of The Imperfects! I love the show so much. My favorite character is Tilda because even after what happened to her she still rocked on. Her style is amazing😍 I've wanted to dress like her for so long now but I'm broke. Sadly they cancelled the show. But I have made a season 2 of my own! It's called open your eyes. Here's the description

Alex Sarkov was testing the synthetic stem cells. He decided to adopt 2  children who are twins to see if they would get the same side effects. 7 years later they start to experience the full side of their side effects. Ophelia goes rogue and Sav has to deal with delusions. Alex goes missing. Sydney along with Abbi, Juan,  Hannah,and Tilda try to help the beloved twins but will it all be for nothing?

The only characters I own is Ophielia Sarkov and Sav Sarkov

You can find it on wattpad and Quotev! I'm very proud of the love and support I've gotten so far for my story 🫶 please comment if you like The Imperfects

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