Sometimes I get VERY jealous of people who own DVDs of Awesome Show. Like- you have access to ALL of these deleted scenes!!! Reveal them to me! You have Tom Goes to the Mayor on DVD? HAND IT OVER! If I don’t see every deleted scene, I may just explode. You hand me a deleted scene- I chew on it for DAYS. Maybe even weeks! months! I’m still thinking of this one deleted scene I saw from Awesome Show a while back- where they revealed the CEO of Channel 5? Don’t even get me started on that one- I’ll go on until your ears bleed. I forgot the name they gave the CEO, but by god, wasn’t he spiffy. Despite my aroace-ness, you show me a person in a turtleneck and I melt like a popsicle. Not because I’m attracted to them or anything- but damn! 

Sorry for going on- but whew.

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