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Just starting out

I found out about this site earlier on today so I decided to check it out. It feels just like MySpace and I’m digging it. I feel the nostalgia as I’m checking things out which then, of course, reminds me of my age 😅 … ahh the good ol’ days. 

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I'm much too young to have grown up using myspace but ive always envied people who did. Its very exciting to get to experience it as well now! I wish regular social media wasn't such a clown show all the time; it would be a little better if it had profile customization like on here :P

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Unfortunately as this platform grows, it too will most likely become a clown show but the rest of us have to just continue to rise above. Spacehey definitely feels very much like MySpace and I think that’s great. I’m still figuring things out on here but so far I’m enjoying it. I hope you have a great day.

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