OKOK SO HELLO WE ALL REMEMBER CHEESE RIGHT? WTF HES IN LOVE W ME??? cheese is my crush bugs BEST FRIEND SINCE 4TH GRADE??? CHEESE IS THE GUY WHO DATES MY FRIENDS?? OMFG CHEESE LIKES ME??? okok so no guys ever liked me so now cheese likes me and idk if i like him?? and he’s so confusing cuz he says he loves me but he says “kinda idk” when asked if he LIKES ME. and he asked me to the school dance and i said yes LMAO. he was staring at me in algebra and tried holding my hand in english…. BUT HE LEAVES ME ON DELIVERED FOR SUPER LONG AND HES TALKING TO OTHER GIRLS. so he’s a player ofc and i hate how i’m catching feelings UGH. anyways bugs ilysm 🙈🙈🙈

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