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Hai haiii (dni/ati/oti and warnings)

  • Hai haiii this is just a warning, take it into consideration b4 u add!!
  • I have a condition called tics you have prolly heard of this !!!!I HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED BY A PROFESSIONAL!!! and no i will not give you my documents to prove such things.
  • I have P.O.T.S meaning i get really dizzy to the point of passing out sometimes and i have been diagnosed all my issues have been diagnosed. 
  • i SUCK at spelling and i abbreviate a lottttt!!
  • i prefer dogs over cats sorry! 
  • i do not like when ppl use numbers in words it makes it very hard for me to read since i have dyslexia (unless ur censoring it obvvi)
  • i have epilepsy (im only sensitive to RAINBOW super fast flashing lights and really cold weather)
  • I am a juggalo <3
On to dni list </3


  • Racist
  • Nazi
  • Hate mixed ppl
  • white supremacist
  • Hate neos
  • Homophobic
  • Pro-shipper
  • ship irl ppl
  • force ur ships onto others
  • Hypersexual towards others that are not Ur partners.
  • use ur mental illnesses to excuse awful actions (such as cheating, being rude, racism etc.)
  • Hate against ppl with tic and Tourette's thats obvvi why
  • force others to do stuff they dont want
  • Fake mental issues (its disgusting)
  • furry hater (they did nothing to you) no im not one but i will gladly stand up for them
  • Zooph!le
  • Pedophile (fuck off.)
ATI (ask to interact)

  • You are a MHA fan (some of yall are scary..)
  • You ONLY talk ab anime (there are other things yk)
  • you critsize other ppls anime/movie/show choices
Oti (okay to interact)

  • as long as you dont apply to these!!!

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