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Two Geriatrics and a Thirty-something

That would be Kohai, myself and Missy.

Missy's the thirty-something, not even middle aged yet, the bitch. X)

But me and Kohai... Yeah. I gotta say I was kinda shocked the other day, finding out Kohai's approximate age. (We don't know just when she was born, just when the vet first saw her in 2011) So she's getting up there for a cat.

Now the sleeping 22 hours a day makes more sense. So does her reaction to the disruption caused by the construction. She's probably thirteen, fairly old for a feline. And now I'm acting more appropriately with her too.

When I wasn't thinking about her age we'd play every morning, or rather I'd try to get her to play. :P She still does Fishing For Kitties but it's much less often. Well, me too. I'm slowing down myself. Couple of old geezers, Kohai and me.


Now we just gotta wait for Missy to catch up. XD

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