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My phone is years old (i think its 5+ years) AND IT'S SO ANNOYING ‼️‼️ It breaks from every touch and fixing it costs too much money, and my family is not very rich (it's all because of my mom who "didn't like her job" and just quit everything and didn't get a job for 7 MFING YEARS, and we got money only from our step dad) So now i write on a broken screen that types wrong letters a lot so i have trouble typing fast (even now), but i think typing slow helps me with this problem for some time! I want to ask for a new phone on my bday (sept 8(i will be 15!(it's bad it's on sept because i can't work in the summer and i need money))) and i think i will be working next summer (but im not sure bc it will be 9th grade and i have a probability that i will fly to study in UWC, but it's small because im bad at math... But im good at english!(i think...)) 

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