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I used to be like an overly obnoxious talky kid back in the days that is until like some family shit happened and I moved. I was still trying to process everything and I wasn't really stable like 3 or 4 years ago since I would lash out on EVERYTHING (not an exaggeration) I wake up angry on the daily, I don't know why it affected me so bad but it's just eh.

Since I moved here 3 years ago I kind of quieted down. In 2020 I was like radio silent, I didn't want to talk to anybody at all, I missed my old friends a ton and I was pretty much depressed is what I'm saying lol. But I started to slowly (VERY SLOWLY) socialise with people a little more like late 2022. Though, I wasn't still too social. I'm not saying I'm fully social now, still working on it.

Anyways, this year. I'm starting to you know feel a little more talkative now, I mean I'm still mostly not one for talking but I'm starting to talk with my classmates and all that jazz, it feels really nice to go back into talking with people again.

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