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So, have you heard the alien news??

There has been so much in the news lately about aliens and I'm not gonna lie, this is some of the most exciting stuff I've seen!!

First, a whistleblower talking about how there is a Top Secret team who retrieves "non human" craft, have the craft and in some cases, the pilot of the craft, and they are keeping it secret from Congress and AARO, the task force put in place to study UAPs.

THEN, we get the 911 call from Angel, the man in Las Vegas who claimed that there were beings in his yard, standing around 9-10ft tall, with big eyes and a big mouth.  This came just minutes after a police officer saw a bright light fall from the sky, an event that was captured on his body cam!

And now, we have yet another source coming forward talking about claims that not only is there a Top Secret team that is sent to retrieve "non human" craft, but they are attempting to reverse engineer it, and that he has been in contact with many people who tell the same story of dozens of craft, from saucer shaped, to triangular, to the shape of one of those deep sea submarines.

My friend, Ben, the founder of ATRH has been in contact with Angel, the 911 caller in Las Vegas and has gotten an exclusive interview with him!

Keep your eyes on the skies, my friend!

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US navy literally releases a video and no one bats an eye!

Btw how and where u been lol

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