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i ditched my "friends" (WARNING: RANT)

so first of all, i felt like i'm being left out from this group for a long time and randomly one day they kicked me out of this group and they dont even tell me a reason why i got kicked out of group so i talked to my "close friend" (im just gonna call him B) and he said that i have to fix my attitude (when i totally didn't do anything but a harmless joke) and when i wanna go back he told me no cuz he afraid i would get ignored again like before. i wasn't ask anything more cuz i felt like that is just too much in one day for me, we were talking secretly for a while and suddenly B just left me and i was so lonely. and when i found out that he talk with that group again was yesterday, i was bored and refresh instagram homepage and then the person that i know just uploaded a story and it was a screen record of them talking with the group, including B. i was so mad cuz he spend all time with that group and not even spend a little bit of time with me, im not like the one that would talk 24/7 but like it just why wouldnt he spend time with that group and spend time with me equally? so after that, i ditched B and another people that in the group since i felt like i can't trust anyone now. 

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