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june of the 9th

it seems like im the least sick of my family, my sister and my mom have both thrown up and my dad almost took a half day at work meanwhile all i have is a sick throat (for now). im not even really entirely sure what this is since we usually dont get sick and it's never usually this bad? also im not even sure where we got it from, my sister went to the prom a little bit ago (i mentioned that, right?) but that was a bit too long ago for that to really match. my parents went out a bit more recently but my sister didnt go with them and she was the first one to get sick.

i feel like this is the first time i've actually blogged since i joined this website and i joined a year ago

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I hope you start to feel better soon! And I hope your family recovers as well. Hopefully things won't get too bad for you.

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