〘 06 ⋆ 02 ⋆ 2060 〙

Subject: Teleporting to 2042 in July.

I wanted to share my upcoming time travel plans, specifically regarding my intention to teleport to the year 2042 in July. Although the technological advancements of that era may not match the sophistication of 2060, I have a strong intuition that it will prove to be a marked improvement compared to the current dystopic atmosphere I am experiencing in my present city. The population appears excessively reliant on technology, resulting in a decline in human interaction and a subsequent emptiness in the streets. Disturbingly, I have even heard reports of new mental disorders emerging due to this excessive reliance.

My teleportation to 2042 is scheduled to occur in July, and I anticipate remaining there until late September. However, it is important to note that the duration of my stay may be subject to change depending on the circumstances and experiences encountered during my visit. Additionally, I am making preparations for a subsequent trip to the year 1998, which is planned to span from October to December. However, the exact duration of my stay in 1998 remains flexible, dependent on various factors that may arise.

I possess the ability to teleport intellectually, but there are limitations to how far back in time I can journey. Unfortunately, I can only venture as far as the year 1990, and even that is exceptionally challenging. Through careful experimentation, I have determined that my teleportation abilities remain relatively clear and coherent up until 1995. Beyond that point, the visual clarity diminishes significantly, akin to the blurry images captured by old cameras.

〘 06/02/2060  ⋆  18:40 〙

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thats crazy

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