Lil rant about clownz n stuffz

I LUVVVV CLOWNZZ! I just hate that the make up haz a racist background! Like- I just wanna drezz up all silly and colourful then have some silly make up 2 match but I can't do shit cause of the history. I'm just gonna do the thing like when u remove the artist from the art... I'm not a racist, I just like colourz :[

Srsly tho- wtf

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Tj's Hollow

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I think it’s okay to engage in clown stuffz as long as you acknowledge the history and work to avoid the racist origins, like don’t wear afros, big lips, etc! Just have fun wit the bright colors and bringing joy to people :D

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Agreed! [Btw I luv ur pfp :3]

by ⦻Fizzy_Blood⦻; ; Report

Ty!! happy pride month B3

by Tj's Hollow; ; Report

And an even happier pride Month 2 u :D

by ⦻Fizzy_Blood⦻; ; Report