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Remaking iconic places from the Yakuza series in Roblox Studio! (Updated 19/07/2023)

I have a slight hunch that some people might not be able to see my images in my blogs/profile bc of the weird way i like to host images so if you cant see them PLEASE tell me omg and prove it too dont gaslight me like that you can lmk on discord at emoharuka

First up is the bar serena, feels a bit more spacious than it is in the games and the lighting is a bit off

Then there's the Florist's office

Not as well known but here's four shine from Kiwami 2

this was really hard to make with all the clutter and details but I managed to pull off Sky Finance HQ

Pretty scuffed but heres the coliseum

This is club debolah which isnt really that significant in the series, a couple fights happen here in Kiwami/1 and it serves as a source in side missions in Kiwami 2 but I love the futuristic y2k feel it gives off,

I like how the tojo clan HQ meeting room turned out for me

john yakuza himself :3

https://www.roblox.com/games/4973126112/Yakuza-places YOU CAN KNOW PLAY THIS

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⏳ Nikola ⏳

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oh this is super cool

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its been YEARS since i last played roblox but this is SO SICK !! can't wait to see more of your progress 🫰🏽

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Dame yo THANKS

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