I am so fricking excited to finally cut my hair!

after many months of debating actually doing it and studying up on technique (literally just watching youtube videos) I have decided to FINALLY go through with it and achieve the hair of my dreams!

What hairstyle am I talking about you may be wondering? I'm going to do a full-fledged emo fringe with a bunch of layers, I'm going all out with the poofy-ness too! (maybe not to an extreme measure but you get it) this has literally been my dream hair for such a long time and I'm so happy I finally found the confidence to go through with it :D

as for the other stuffs, I have finals this week so that's a major bummer :(

My best friend and I might even record the cutting process (I'm doing it at home :D) and post it to our YT channel that we are making (it's a stupid little vlog channel just to shit-post the stuff we're gonna do this summer LMAO) Im thinking the theme of the whole channel being about the "loser teen experience." I say this because both of us are kinda social recluses aka "losers" so we might as well capitalize on it yk yk.

anyways, write some video suggestions and we might do them :O


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