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thoughts abt my partner //vent kinda

the fact tht i even have a partner is craaazy 2 me </3 in a good way u know like i never rlly thought it would happen- this is my first relationship nd i've liked her since like 7th grade and we got together last year nd its all been very umm Surreal? i guess would be the word..? idk anyways they love me a lot and i'm really happy that they do but a lot of the time i feel like i cannot reciprocate as much of that as i want to and it makes me sad :P i struggle w/ feelings a lot and most of the time its hard for me 2 feel Anything but its rlly hard to verbalize that bc i don't want him to think that i don't love him @ all u know? idk i've been doing a lot of thinking tnite and it's kicking my ass >_< anyways yeah having a no feelings night and it's shitty blehhh

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