A blog entry for role-playing! ^_^

> “ What’s a roleplay ? “

- A roleplay is when one or more people act and speaks as if they’re the character they’re portraying as.

> “ What are the rules ? “

- The rules are:

1) No innaproprient behaviour.

2) No racism and homophobia/transphobia.

3) No godmodding.

> “ Are ships allowed? “

- Of course! As long as they’re not pro-ships or ships between family members.

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> “ How do I start off? “
- Well,if you’re not replying to anyone,you could start by commenting which fandom/video-game/book you want to role-play (along with others) about!
- For example: « Hey! Reply here if you want to roleplay as one or more characters from Undertale (a video-game) with me and some others (publicly)! »
- And if you want to join someone in a role-play,reply to their comment and ya can start!

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