goofy ahh novel

im reading this novel and the (obviously female) author is describing sex. it gets way rougher than this or whatever but i will NEVER be able to read a passage like this without laughing. i will never be able to take this shit seriously.

He cuts me off with a kiss. The action arrests me; it is not what I have been expecting.
But then I grab him by the collar of his shirt and kiss him back. I kiss him from the bottom of my soul, I kiss him until we can feel the copper edge of sorrow
. Together.

in the context it's romantic or bittersweet or whatever but the way it's written, shit like
"Our eyes lock when he moves inside me; neither of us would dare to blink."
"This is what it is to be filled by love"
make me go *feral*, it will never not be hilarious to me. ain't no way people actually find this hot or romantic or whatever. it's cool and all when ur thinking it but putting it on paper gives everyone the right to make fun of you imo

bleeehhh i think sex is funny :P bleehh u cant make me not-make-fun of sex :p !!
romance is so gay... bro..

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what in tarnation....

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