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i literally cant anymore.

i cant do this anymore.

im so sick and tired of the kids in my after school class, i have done NOTHING to them but they still talk crap behind my back, they still are horrible toward me. they make fun of me for a having a samsung like they've never seen one before, at least i didn't spend like $2000 on a phone.

i literally wanna kms like they wanna fight me like you're literally fat like sit down matter of fact you'll break the chair and fall so far you fall to the deepest depths of hell and you also vape and then you swear you have opps like your only opps are lung cancer which you're trying to beat.

they are unbearable and they are the fakest people i have EVER met. they will be disrespectful as heck and then they'll say "you're my bestie" and other ridiculous nonsense, i just feel like i cant put up with them any longer and i need to find an escape from these stupid vape loving couch potatoes.

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misa ♡

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people r petty, ppl who act like this go on to do nothing with their lives after school im so sorry for you <3

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you're right and tysm <3333

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