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Introduction post ^_^ please bmf!! ;; #1

HIII EVERYONE ^_^ I'm gonna introduce myself on this post, please be my friend I'm rlly cool !! ;;; my name is titbedo, kind of a silly name but I haven't found a real name that suits me yet. I'm a minor, I'll probs give my age to you if we become friends, I'm a introvert and very shy at first. I come off monotone or sarcastic sometimes but i promise I don't mean to, I'm very bad at showing affection most of the time unless we're close. I have a unique sense of humor ig?? I make emo/alpha jokes a lot,, and use a lot of emojis in a joking way. I tend to meow a lot just out of habit, uhh i really like butterflies and flowers. I say "HELP" "I CAN'T" "ENOUGH" "STOP" "LMAODKO" to show my laughter over text, you won't catch me using 🤣😂😅 - lol, hahaa over text Nuh uh uh. I play genshin, project sekai, honkai star rail, stardew valley, roblox so feel free to ask for my uid/id/username!! :3 I call my friends "mama, babes, cutie, patootie, pookie, girlie, girl" so pls tell me if you're uncomfy with that!! I type in caps a lot for fun and am really energetic, Some of my kins are reki (skate the infinity), venti (genshin), mitsuri (demon slayer), emu otori (pjsk) and uhh I'm just rlly cool so you should dm me, add my disc, and follow my insta + tiktok (in my bio under general interests,, idk why I put it there) 

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