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june of the 5th


popular old websites ranked by how much they deserve a revival or whatever (least needed to most needed)

1. Roblox

old roblox wasnt even that good.

2. Youtube

ENOUGH! NO MORE YOUTUBE REVIVALS! NO MORE YOUTUBE USERSTYLES! we already have clean-talk and yt2009 and cosmic cat and customtube and rehike and bitview and yoretude and liivid and subrocks, we do not need any more Youtube.

3. Twitter

Blips is really good! Also there's that 2014 script that is also really good. If you want to be nitpicky we're missing a 2007 and 2013 twitter but do you care? i dont.

4. MySpace

Spacehey kind of sucks as a revival, it's a modern social media website wearing the same outfits MySpace wore back in 2008. Friendproject and SpaceMy aren't that great either. Spacehey is the most popular website of this kind though, so it's fine.

5. Tumblr

There's already a bunch of blog themes, but the dashboard userstyles kind of suck (and there's so few of them too). A revival would die FAST though, do not try it it will not work.

6. Facebook

currently there is NOTHING for facebook (that doesnt involve you actually using the real website, i would never).

7. Newgrounds

newgrounds was THE website for a while, and while i understand that flash dying really makes it hard to consider doing anything for it that doesnt explain how there is ONE (1) userstyle and it SUCKS. people who make userstyles can do magic and yet there has been no love for Newgrounds, and that sucks.

8. DeviantArt

if someone revived deviantart from like 2010 it would succeed as a real website. no alterations, maybe even no advertising, it would succeed and that's because there are no current art websites. Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, Newgrounds, even Tumblr are all just social media/art hybrids, the art website is extinct. technically there's a pretty good userscript for deviantart but im not touching the website as is.

the other ones

  • if VKNIGHT has made a theme for it, you probably dont need to make anything else for it
  • if it has a classic mode built into the website then you probably dont need to worry about it
  • if it only existed as an app then it probably wont get done even if needs something. sorry vine
  • most applications dont actually need any love since you can just download them online, most online game servers have also been rehosted by fans, which is cool
  • some websites still exist and look visually the same (cough cough ytmnd still exist cough)
  • there was another thing but i forgot about it

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