Stardust - a poem

The comet fell, with a fiery trail,

A spectacle, so grand and pale.

But in its wake, the void it bore,

A heartache, that pierced to the core.

The supernova, bursting bright,

A star so fierce, a glorious light.

But as it fades, and darkness looms,

The remnants, bring desolate gloom.

Unfeeling, you, a blackened soul,

A heart, that takes, and never whole.

Mine, you held, for just a beat,

The hurt, still searing, never complete.

The sky's pressure, a crushing force,

The asteroid's crash, a chaotic source.

A beauty, so fierce, in endless space,

A fight, continuous, in every place.

You, trauma, unintended pain,

An anguish, that never will wane.

For when you left, you didn't see,

The scars, you left, that won't set free.

And hate, towards your own being,

A soul, that's forever fleeing.

I know what you were, and what you've lost,

But to heal, forgiveness must be the cost.

Sometimes I can still see you,

I stare in your eyes, and Stardust stares back.

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