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first blog entryyy

Ughhhh I found this song called "Everytime we Touch" o my gawwwwd its SO me and sam heheheh. its relly good tho ive had it stuck in my head all DAY!!!!!!!! I keep accidentally humming it and my brother HATES it lol. he just doesnt appresciate good music i guess XDDD

Sam is supposed to come over 2nite and im excited to show him something I made, its...... a bracelet!!! My camera is broken so i cant show it o_O but itz yellow, pink, white and 2 different shades of grey. The yellow ones glow in the dark but i havent charged them sooo...

Ummmmmn im not sure what else to write abtttt cuz this is my first entry and idont really know what to talk abt loll... ive had this account for a while but i didnt know what to talk about so..

byee :)

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