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lookin for new j-pop

hiiiii everyone !! hope you're all havin a SPLENDID weekend . full of being weird n strange in a cute way :3c

ermmm so I'm on the lookout for new sweet n upbeat japanese music ! I already listen to kyary pamyu pamyu n I LOVE her so much . along with femme fatale who are also pretty neat ! but I wanna broaden my j-pop horizons . so PRETTY PLEASE send recommendations my way !! I don't really know specific subgenres or anything but I'm after some real positive tunes to groove to ! OH also. I already know about perfume . I adore them too don't get me wrong !! just trying to avoid getting recommended stuff I already listen to :p

also wanna say that k-pop is really neat nd everyone with k-pop on their profiles is super cool n you all have an amazing taste in music !! seriously there's so many bangers in the genre, I see why people would become fans !! I would join in on the action but I'm worried I'll wanna study it too n it'll distract me from studying japanese which I already barely do (;3;)b nd some of the fandoms seem a little intimidating ^^; 


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